Pop Momentum

July 19 - September 5 at Artspace Warehouse:
Pop Momentum

New art exhibition POP MOMENTUM opens July 19, 2014 at Artspace Warehouse. Featured artists include Johnny Taylor, Gerdine Duijsens, Gerhard Voelkle, Frankie Alfonso, and Ashleigh Sumner.

Opening Reception Sat, July 19, 6:30 - 8:30pm.

This exhibition showcases artists working with found images and the variety of constructs they are able to employ to create a new visual framework. In some cases the usage is direct--the artist captures and manipulates an existing image to create it anew through their own interpretation and expression. In others, the image serves more as inspiration, a path to visual representation. In all cases, the final product relies on the idea of the image and the way we observe the everyday, as much as the image itself.

LA based art Johnny Taylor explores the visual miscellany we encounter each day without taking the time to really observe. Working in acrylic, marker, screen print, and spray paint on canvas or wood, Taylor finds inspiration in the imagery detritus of the urban landscape: graffiti, murals, hand-painted signs, graphic design, vintage advertising, store displays and package design. “I paint what I see. My practice of building up the artwork in layers and then subsequently masking and tearing them away is informed by peeling abandoned billboards which reveal parts of images that came before. I am intrigued by the scraps of their history visible all at once.”

Gerdine Duijsens was born in Utrecht, Netherlands, where she studied at the Art Academy and the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgium. Her artwork is a synthesis between figurative and abstract art. Mostly it is abstract with figurative elements. It fits perfectly in the spirit of modern times where people are focused on the exterior of something or someone. As a result, the creative and imaginative power unfolds, which is the most important consideration for artist and viewer. Her enormous drive and energy is apparent in all her paintings. “There are many opportunities in your life, so you must have the courage to be open. You might not grab everything, but if you do, make it into something.”

Gerhard Völkle’s works are visual experiments based on images he has collected over the years. Inspired by the volcanic rocks he found of the Spanish island of Lanzarote, Völkle has created a unique technique of painting with rust. In works made with this process, his deliberate marks mix with the uncontrollable natural oxidation, which transforms the surface into an organic, evolving entity. He often creates silhouettes of figures in dynamic poses, wearing a mix of modern and traditional clothing. Völkle also makes metalworks of cutout figures and minimalist cubes—their rusting surfaces symbolizing nature, decay, and the passing of time.

Frankie Alfonso has a distinct and fresh voice in the art world. He creates his work using lively colors and spontaneous, well-balanced composition. His work is best described as a style of automatic creation where he uses simple lines to make complicated arrangements of balance and harmony. His style is a mix of cubism, cartoon art, graffiti and abstract expressionism.

Through bold, abstract expression, Ashleigh Sumner attempts to incorporate the implied visual of the densely populated, urban landscape with the raw, gritty texture of industrial areas. The combination of these elements is intended to evoke a powerful sense of unrestrained vitality. She often creates her artworks with her own versions of found images she photographs on her trips to Europe. She also applies acrylic paint in many layers and sometimes employs spray paint and resin to give her artworks a unique finish.