Art Exhibition

Millennial Audience Shift

October 22 – December 9, 2016 at Artspace Warehouse:
Millennial Audience Shift

New art exhibition Millennial Audience Shift opens October 22, 2016 at Artspace Warehouse. Featured artists include Ekaterina Ermilkina, Gerdine Duijsens, Ross Tamlin, and Sergei Inkatov.

Opening Reception Saturday October 22, 6-8pm.

Each generation has an impact on society. Their influence creates social, cultural, and economic effects that impact the world they live in, including the generations before and after them. Their shifting impact also defines how they are perceived so that we can try to understand how they react to changes in the art world and how to engage them with new expressions in art.

Ekaterina Ermilkina's inspirations are the expressionistic skylines of big cities like Manhattan, Philadelphia, or Chicago filled with colorful skyscrapers. The urban, scenic views are abstracted and rich with vivid and textured layers.

Gerdine Duijsens spirited and evocative figures are instantly recognizable and unforgettable. They emit a sense of pleasure and contentment through their expressions and into the rooms in which they hang. Enjoyment is at the heart of her figurative artworks, and the people she creates are always savoring the moment. We can’t help but be charmed by their lust for life.

Color, along with industrial imagery and objects, are central in Ross Tamlin's art. He is particularly interested in the traditional appropriation of found objects in modern art. His compositions are a contemporary examination of industrial materials in which he reconstructs their purpose and function to reveal new relationships between the object and viewer.

Sergei Inkatov's original, abstract fine art oil paintings have been exhibited internationally. His expressionistic artworks are vivid and richly textured. Inkatov’s paintings radiate a life of balance and positive energy.