Art Exhibition

Layers and Discovery

Apr 23 – Jun 10, 2016 at Artspace Warehouse:
Layers and Discovery

New art exhibition Layers and Discovery opens April 23, 2016 at Artspace Warehouse. Featured artists include Emily Hart Wood, Mauro Oliveira, Jonas Fisch, Ron Piller, Giuseppe Beddru, and Sergio Valenzuela.

The featured artists works express an evolution of exploration and technique. They create artworks while immersing themselves on a path of discovery. Many of the artworks are the result of how the elements react when revealing their complex dimensions. While the artists put down their tools to create the artworks, the art aficionados are invited on an exploratory progression through these layers, adding additional layers of context with each interpretation.

Opening Reception Saturday April 23, 3-6pm.

Emily Hart Wood graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Weber State University with a 2D emphasis in 2008. During her education she was able to study Renaissance and Contemporary art abroad in Italy. Many of her concepts are based on her response to memory, dreams and the small worlds people create for themselves. The imaginative work is done using acrylic and mixed media on wood.

Mauro Oliveira creates artworks using special automotive detailing tape, acrylic paint, pencils and other creative media, finishing his artworks with several layers of resin for an immaculate and super glossy finish. He is inspired by locations; many of his geometric pieces are named after specific places and skylines that inspired the artwork.

Born in a small fisherman's village in southern Sweden, contemporary artist Jonas Fisch discovered his love for drawing and painting at a young age and was inspired to pursue his passion by renowned artist and grandmother Ann-Marie Sjögren. His works can be seen in private collections around the world. Fisch currently resides in Los Angeles.

Ron Piller's paintings focus on two important considerations: color and geometric order/ with acrylic paint on wood panels. On most panels he adds a layer of newsprint and glue and then sands it to create his base. His artworks are finished with resin, as it provides a window into the work and also reflects back the room and light in which it hangs.

Giuseppe Beddru is an Italian self-taught artist originally from Sicily. His first formative years were spent in Agrigento, where the painter absorbed the influence of traditional Greek art, its mesmerizing attention to beauty and the imposing volumes of human bodies. He brings all these elements to life in his plexiglas panels, through a palette of vigorous colors and rich Mediterranean textures.

Sergio Valenzuela “VALENZ” was born in Guatemala in 1970. His first group show was at the Bienal de Arte Paiz, Guatemala City, in 1992. Since that time Valenz has be featured in over eighty group shows and thirty solo exhibitions in Central America and around the world.