Evolving Identities | Art Exhibition

Evolving Identities

January 29 - March 3, 2015 at Artspace Warehouse:
Evolving Identities

New art exhibition EVOLVING IDENTITIES opens January 29, 2015 at Artspace Warehouse. Featured artists include Pirmin Breu, Colleen Sandland, Robert Lebsack, Jonas Fisch, and Sheinina Raj.

Opening Reception Thursday, January 29, 7-9 pm.

This exhibition explores how identity and art intersect in people's surroundings and their lives. Art reveals and enhance the underlying identity — the unique meaning, value, and character — of the physical and social form of an artist as well as people's surroundings. This identity is reflected in the artwork's character or sense of belonging, formed by the omnipresent forces of culture, identity, and place. It is not a static concept; rather, it evolves and develops over time, reflecting the spectrum of social values within and around the artist's work. The artworks can be seen as a story or narrative of a place and time, revealing a cultural context of the artist's community, while balancing of the inherent conflicting nature of past, present, and future social values.

Pirmin Breu is a Swiss painter who uses aerosol, airbrush, or paintbrush to create artworks reflecting "his people" in their unique identities. When they jump, dance, and skip they are bursting with the joys of life and have their own originality which makes them so likeable. Pirmin Breu's people are happy souls - lively, inquisitive, and genuine.

Colleen Sandland categorizes her work as “Neo Impressionistic Florals.” Colleen highlights the things we might not notice every day, such as a delicate flower, as an indication of the vastness of our existence. A flower has vitality, but when the petals drop we get reminded that time surpasses us. Flowers express life in a different perspective. They are not just flowers, but a shift of reality.

Born in a small fisherman's village in southern Sweden, contemporary artist Jonas Fisch discovered his love for painting at a young age and was inspired to pursue his passion by renowned artist and grandmother Ann-Marie Sjogren. His imagery is vibrantly buzzing with colorful commentary on society morphed into figures, words and shapes.

Robert Lebsack's work tends to focus on social and cultural issues using torn newspapers as context. By utilizing bits and pieces of headlines, articles and ads as the background the viewer can use their own interpretation and random image word association to bring meaning to each individual piece.

Los Angeles artist Sheinina Raj whose work “gives a physical form to a very real energy,” layers up to one hundred layers of clear acrylic medium mixed with select pigments on each canvas. Sheinina is able to draw ones imagination into the depth of color. The flat glossy surfaces of her artworks are accentuated by rugged edges found at the perimeter of the two dimensional pieces giving them a three dimensional quality.