Art Exhibition

A New Dimension

Mar 2 – Apr 22, 2016 at Artspace Warehouse:
A New Dimension

New art exhibition A New Dimension opens March 2, 2016 at Artspace Warehouse. Featured artists include Matt Bilfield, David Jang, Shauna La, Laura Letchinger, Petra Roes-Nickel, and El Witt.

Opening Reception Wednesday March 2, 5-8pm.

Los Angeles artist Matt Bilfield creates each composition using painted wooden dowels anchored in architectural plywood. A pixelated representation of a single image emerges from his careful placement of each individually colored peg. His artwork is an extension of his attachment to planned design concepts.

David Jang's work utilizes materials to articulate the countervailing forces inherent in the everyday-expansion and contraction, perfection and imperfection, force and balance, have and have not.

Shauna La explores the relationships between lines and emotion, color and thought in her dynamic acrylic and mixed media works. In her most recent work, she creates compelling and beautiful glimpses into not only her perception of reality but her reaction to it.

Laura Letchinger is a contemporary artist living in Los Angeles who creates large abstract paintings with an urban industrial, minimalist, street or pop art edge. Her works are acrylic on canvas, often combined with other mediums such as pastel, graphite, crayon and collage.

In Petra Roes-Nickel's oil paintings playful, free forms as well as compositional constructions develop into textures, referencing popular European design of the fifties and sixties, particularly the textile and surface designs of that time. Her work translates the geometric and organic elements of an era which hoisted the flags of modernity and which, due to a trend to return to a rather retro style, has become topical once more, into her very own style.

El Witt uses the constructive nature of paint to form her atmospheric compositions. The surfaces and lines come together to create a harmonious whole punctuated with saturated color. Uniting both delicate and bold brushwork in a unique way allows her artworks to continually take on new forms and variations. There is always something new to see.